Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Our Mission Statement

To provide our operators with timely and accurate financial statements, reports, and reconciliations and also to support them in the areas of payroll, IT, and repairs and maintenance.

Our Vision

To operate a world class back-office solution for restauranteurs, retailers, and real estate investors at the fraction of the cost of U.S. based equivalent operations.

Our Core Values

    1. We find practical solutions to solve today’s and tomorrow’s problems.
    2. As our clients adapt their business models to meet consumer demand and expectations, we provide the administrative support needed for our operators to be effective and maintain margins and profitability.
    3. We operate with integrity.
    4. We will always do the right thing! As a third-party services provider, we provide our operators with peace of mind that their numbers are correct and cash, credit, and delivery sales are accounted for and collected. At XB, we have installed “best practices and procedures” for reconciliations, daily accounting duties and payment requests, into our business model.
    5. We work hard to meet our clients’ operational reporting requirements.
    6. We collaborate with our clients to create a “Statement of Work” that establishes our expectations and deadlines. We have some clients in which we provide services 7-days a week and our normal working week is Monday through Saturday.
    7. We adapt to our clients’ business practices and procedures.
    8. Although we may work with operators within the same franchise, no two businesses are the same. We simply adapt to our client’s requirements which includes software, reporting packages and procedures. Outside of requiring that we convert their accounting platform to Sage Intacct, we quickly learn how to use the systems and procedures that our clients have in place.
    9. We support our team members, their families, and their communities.
    10. As many have said before, we are only as good as our people. In 2020, we had no turnover and no layoffs. Our business model has been built for all economic cycles and scenarios which gives our operators peace of mind that we can meet their daily requirements under any scenario.
      For 2021-2022, we are in the process of creating an educational foundation to support the needs of our employees’ children. We are also actively engaged in assisting the communities we operate from with people and resources to make these communities better places to live and visit.